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WEEK 12 • THU 11/25 • 1:30 PM PST

Las Vegas Raiders 5-5


Dallas Cowboys 7-3


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Top Shots: Raiders vs. Bengals - Week 11

View the best photos from the Raiders' Week 11 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals at Allegiant Stadium.


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Home for the Holiday: Carr, Moehrig among multiple Raiders excited for a Texas Thanksgiving homecoming

The Silver and Black have a few Texas boys that will be playing their hometown team on Thanksgiving Day.
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Raiders assist community by providing Thanksgiving meals

Raiders, LVRFA members and alumni including Roy Hart and Pro Football Hall of Famer Rod Woodson assisted with the distribution during the drive-through event at Allegiant Stadium.
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Key Matchups: The Raiders will line up against an 'unbelievable athlete' in Micah Parsons

Derek Carr will have to navigate the pocket well Thursday, as the Cowboys rookie linebacker will be coming for him.
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Raiders-Cowboys Week 12 Injury Report

Take a look at the Raiders' injury report as the team prepares to face the Dallas Cowboys.
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Raiders-Browns slated for Saturday, Dec. 18, 1:30 PST on NFL Network

A rematch of last season's Raiders win in Cleveland has been scheduled for Saturday.
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Raiders at Cowboys: How to watch the holiday showdown

The Las Vegas Raiders are ready to get back in the win column with a Thanksgiving Day matchup in Texas.
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Game Preview: Raiders hit the road for a Thanksgiving contest against the Dallas Cowboys

The Silver and Black will try to end their losing streak and feast on the Cowboys this Thursday.
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Quick Hits: Rich Bisaccia has a meeting with his former team on Thanksgiving Day

Bisaccia and the Las Vegas Raiders are hopeful they can end their three game losing streak with a win in Dallas.
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Raiders honor veterans and active military during Salute to Service

The Raiders are commemorating Salute to Service through several activations to honor our veterans and active military.
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Another good performance by the Raiders defense couldn't salvage a victory

The Raiders defense played well enough to win through first three quarters, but was tormented by penalties and missed opportunities. 
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