Una Collective Agreement X Days

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With the wage freeze, the government wants to cut wage premiums for employees with higher education, remove some rest days for part-time pensions, and cut overtime and bonuses for evenings, nights and weekends. If employers change the planned days off or positions of employees without 14 days` notice, overtime must be paid. Section 7.04 of the provincial collective agreement. [more] The United Nurses of Alberta says it began contract negotiations with AHS this week for a new agreement to replace the current agreement, which expires March 31. Under article 58 of the Municipal Elections Act, employees may vote for three consecutive hours on election day. Municipal elections. [more] AHS says its proposal directs compensation based on Alberta`s economic realities and the need to maximize health care for people in the communities it serves. UNA members should be aware of rules relating to the supervision of health professionals, such as those established by the College and Association of Registered Nurses of. [more] Harrigan says the next hearing dates have been set for Jan.

30 and 31. Under Article 19 of the UNA Provincial Collective Agreement, workers are not required to report to workplace safety for interviews or medical examinations. [more] "Our proposal reflects the need to more closely tailor compensation to comparable provinces, while ensuring that employees are paid fairly, competitively and fiscally responsible," AHS said in an email Wednesday. READ: The results of the arbitration in Alberta do not lead to wage increases in cases involving David Harrigan, director of labour relations for the UNA and ATA, says the government appears to be looking for ideas in Ontario. Learn more about some of the most common collective agreement issues for nurses. UNA produces a collection of spotlight posters that highlight important items from your collective agreement. The union, which represents registered nurses in the province, says Alberta Health Services is calling for a four-year freeze on salaries and returns for other payments. The union represents more than 30,000 registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses.

The union says its proposal to open up two percent increases each year to a two-year contract and some improvements in the contractual language. Union president Heather Smith says the last time the government insisted on such returns was in 1988, when nurses went on a provincial strike. "We are extremely concerned about the behavior of this government in these negotiations," Harrigan said in a statement Wednesday. The union says the AHS bargaining committee says its proposal is based on what it calls "the Ontario West standard." .


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