Spitfire Audio License Agreement

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Is more complicated to download the application not only the content, install this, I transfer the files to others you after installation and the plugin VST says that it is not possible to use the library and must use the application, to correct this, then it is not possible to install or reinstall the library without the application that is an online application, you have to connect to an online server, so for me it`s absurd, I have Internet, but according to a library provider server for installing a library that use in a music project and if a problem occurs with the server or provider, or a change in the license, then it is not usable and you have to replace the library. really sFZ or contact or use a better offline app or no app, just downloading is better. 30. Contact us. If you have any questions, please contact us via Spitfireaudio.com/support. A beautiful-looking piano. Godawful Download Manager /Licence App without the ability to indicate the download directory for a 398 MB file. Gave up and uninstalled. Developer Tip: All users need a VST file and a data folder. We all know what we need to do with there. 7.

Protection of audio and software products. You expressly agree to take all appropriate measures to purchase the product (s) you purchase (including documentation), protect against reproduction or unauthorized use. This includes protecting your devices and networks from unauthorized access (and you will be responsible for using your personal devices and networks by third parties). You agree not to modify or circumvent in any way the products used or implemented by Spitfire Audio (or its partners or licensees) to prevent or prevent unauthorized use of copying products. 28. Variation. This agreement may be changed from time to time by the publication of new conditions on the site, and any such changes apply to all users from the date and time when these revised conditions were published on the site. Your continued use of the website or Services is the approval and acceptance of such changes or other changes. We constantly experiment and innovate with the website to provide a better user experience, and you recognize that the form and nature of services can change from time to time without notice. 24. Full agreement.

This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties in this area. There are no written or written agreements, agreements or assurances. However, you should receive an IMMEDIATELY order confirmation email when ordering. This confirms that your order has been successfully registered in our system and that your payment has been successfully made. Please check your junk file before contacting our support. The message will come from do_not_reply@spitfireaudio.com if you want to add us to your white list. 20. Complaints. If you believe that you are the copyright holder or other rights to documents that appear on the site, or if you have another complaint about the site, content or other published material, please contact us through Spitfireaudio.com/support. If you would like to inform us of content that you believe is not in compliance with this Agreement or that is otherwise offensive, please inform us of Spitfireaudio.com/support that ensure that they contain both the Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") for non-compliant articles and why you think they are not compliant).


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