Share Retention Agreement Meaning

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"Owner Beneficial" for each equivalent of common shares, any person who has or shares, directly or indirectly, through a contract, agreement, understanding, relationship or other person, a direct or indirect financial participation in such an equivalence of common shares, subject to the following provisions: The Company obtained from the shareholders listed in Schedule 3.5 of the extensions to any commitment agreement whose copies were provided to ------------ to the investor agreements. "NET GEARING RATIO" has the same meaning as that assigned to it under the facility agreement. Petropavlovsk PLC ("Petropavlovsk" or "the company") and IRC Limited ("IRC"), a producer and developer of industrial raw materials of which the company is a major shareholder (31.1%), have entered into a share loyalty agreement that includes certain agreements in favour of the Gazprombank Bank (JSC) regarding the company`s participation in the Cree. "Common shares" are common shares of the company with a par value of 0.000025 $US per share. CONSIDERING that the partner is a sponsor of Lakeside Partners, L.P., an exempt limited partnership registered under the Cayman Islands Public Corporations Act (2014) (the "partnership") that has certain rights to appoint or appoint members of the Company`s Board of Directors in accordance with the Company`s amended and revised statutes. , and a shareholder of the company; "PART" all signatories to this collective agreement (each is called a "party"). (i) in the case of a common share, a common share (including a common share (A) that is the basis of an option or option (s) surrendered or not, a limited number (s) of shares (s) or other incentives granted by the company; (B) in which shares can be converted or for which shares are exchangeable or exchangeable (for example. B for the repayable preferred shares of Alternate Solutions Management Limited and I Limited and PCIP II Limited) or (C) warrants or other rights to acquire common shares of the Company) and (ii) in the case of an ADS, the number of common shares represented by these ADSs. SECTION 3 - SHARE RETENTIONON-ND OTHER SIORS MATTERS-Thon that the currently paid capital of the borrower Tk.

71.50,000,000.00 (Taka seventy one crore fifty lake) is divided only into 71.50,00,000 common shares of Tk. 100.00 (Taka cent) each. The borrower`s shareholding ratio is as follows: Large employees are valuable. If you want to encourage an employee to stay in your business, you can use a loyalty agreement. It describes the agreement between the employee and the company that the employee will remain in the business for a certain period of time and will receive a guaranteed retention bonus (even if the business may face a purchase or a change of direction or ownership, which could ultimately result in the loss of a job). In the case of Gazprombank`s entities, Petropavlovsk and IRC entered into a share reserve agreement with Gazprombank (the Share Retentionon Agreement) on 28 June 2019. "hedge": any agreement or guarantee; which has the purpose or effect of reducing the risk of price fluctuations or lower prices of common stock equivalents or a tradable or convertible guarantee in ordinary share instruments, and a hedge includes the sale of a covered call, the purchase of a put or collar, the conclusion of pre-sale contracts and the purchase or sale of other securities or transactions that separate or reduce interest. and those of the company`s other shareholders.


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