Serbia Albania Agreement

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In addition, the agreement also risks alienating China, which President Xi Jinping described a few months ago by his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic as "brother" and saviour of Serbia, while fraternal relations between two peoples were celebrated at rallies of the ruling Serbian Party (Serbia`s Progress Party). Thirdly, Kosovo`s agreement on membership of the "mini-Schengen zone" has no practical value. On the formal level, there is no unity like the "schengen mini-zone" - it is something fictitious. The so-called "Schengen mini-zone" means nothing more than rhetorical support from Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbian leaders (who met three times in Novi Sad, Ohrid and Durres between October and December 2019) to develop plans that would facilitate cross-border travel and merchandise exchanges between the countries concerned. Therefore, if no concrete steps are taken to formalize such cooperation plans, Kosovo`s commitment to join the "mini-Schengen zone" will not bring much water to the normalization of its economic relations with Serbia. The two Prime Ministers signed a "First Agreement in Principle on the Normalisation of Relations" in Brussels. The short 15-point text is the first bilateral agreement between Serbia and its former province; As the title suggests, it is unlikely to be the last. Oddly enough, no government published it, although a so-called authentic version quickly leaked to the Pristina press. On September 4, the Trump administration received delegations from Kosovo and Serbia at the White House to culminate in a process of normalization between the two countries from the outset. At the glittering signing ceremony in the Oval Office, Serbia and Kosovo agreed to continue "economic normalization" by signing a number of commitments.

However, there was not a single document signed by the two parties, but two separate documents quite similar, signed individually by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and The Kosovar Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti. It is equally important that the United States does not sign these documents either. In short, what was signed in the Oval Office was simply not a bilateral agreement. If we look at the content of both documents, there are other issues that we need to question. Contractual relationships are concluded in the form of stabilization and association agreements (ASA). These include political and economic cooperation and the creation of free trade zones with the countries concerned. On the basis of common democratic principles, human rights and the rule of law, each ASA establishes permanent cooperation structures. The Stabilization and Association Board, which meets annually at the ministerial level, oversees the implementation and implementation of the relevant agreement. He is assisted by the Stabilization and Association Committee. Finally, a Parliamentary Stabilization and Association Committee (SAPC) provides cooperation between the parliaments of the Western Balkan countries and the European Parliament.


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