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Conflicting rivals in the Central African Republic (CAR) signed a peace agreement in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, on Tuesday to end the conflict in their war-torn country. August 2018 Moscow signs a military cooperation agreement with Bangui after a sharp intensification of engagement during the K.O. In April 2016, Touadéra told Vatican Radio that his government`s top priority was to work for peace and reconciliation throughout the country. He said peace and reconciliation in his country must go hand in hand with "the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of certain armed groups into a national and neutral defence power." On the other hand, a plan to build trust between armed groups and the government by creating joint military units falls well short of the timetable, raising doubts that the initiative can work. Under the peace agreement, "mixed special security units" are expected to have up to 1,200 fighters from the armed group. On 27 August, the leader of the Mahamat Al Khatim rebel group of the Patriotic Movement for the Central African Republic (MPC) resigned from his post in the Prime Minister`s Office due to disputes over the units. Sidiki Abbas, leader of the rebel group 3R, followed suit. There are also differences of opinion within the government and different armed groups on their respective roles and responsibilities within these units - which is accentuated by the lack of specificity of the Khartoum agreement. For the units to succeed, they will require serious attention from the parties to the Agreement and the international community. This report examines the construction of the negotiations in Khartoum, the provisions of the agreement itself, its strengths and shortcomings, the differences of views of the parties on the agreement and the challenges to its implementation. It offers ideas on how the government of the public co-rulers and its international partners can build on the agreement by rebuilding their engagement in the country, supporting local peace initiatives and resurrecting regional diplomacy.

Based on research in Bangui in January, March and April 2019, as well as in Addis Ababa, Brussels and New York, it relies on the extensive coverage of the Crisis Group`s Car since the beginning of the crisis in 2012. [fn] This coverage is archived on the Crisis Group website. Hide the lessons of previous cycles of conflict in central government, as national elections as a priority for the more difficult work of governance, reconciliation and compromise. There is already concern that the Commission on Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and The Proposed Reparation, which Parliament will adopt, will be another commitment in the absence of a change in dynamics. As others have said, the short-term interests of the centre`s political elites to gain power through elections are often reinforced by the desire of international actors to find quick solutions and withdraw from the country. Current efforts to achieve peace in the K.O. must break this precedent, recognize the dangers of the status quo and redouble efforts to achieve the goals of the Peace Agreement. Since February 2019, dozens of violations of the peace agreement have been committed every week. Following negotiations in Addis Ababa in March, Sidiki Abass (aka Bi Sidi Souleymane), Director of Return Reconciliation Rehabilitation (3R), was appointed military advisor to Prime Minister Firmin Ngrebada. He was in charge of the leadership of dies` special joint unit in the Ouham Pendé region, which already controlled his group. This was part of the AU`s attempt to fight in a differentiated way over the government of national unity after Khartoum and to save the February peace agreement. The peace agreement was announced on Saturday by the African Union, but the terms were not immediately made public.

To put an immediate end to all forms of recruitment into armed groups, including the recruitment of children and foreigners; The citizens of the Central Union have a mixed view of the agreement: some are optimistic, others are optimistic.


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