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Follow these expectations and know that if I don`t, I will be sent home and I won`t be able to go back to school until the principal agrees that I can be safe. I read all the letters/messages/emails that are sent home I am not admitted to school without a agreed appointment in advance - Make appointments by phone or email I will inform the school of changes to parents/monitors and emergency contact data Do not bring things from home to school or take things from school When you drop off and pick up, I will strictly stick to my child`s schooling · To ensure that all members of the school community are what they can be best By committing to each other`s agreement, the school and parents will continue to establish and maintain a strong partnership between home and school for the good of each child. Please note that by sending your child to school, we assume that we agree with this agreement and that you have agreed to follow the government`s instructions in order to remain vigilant and safe. · To ensure collaboration between school, home and the local community Keep yourself on the way to school, at school and on the way back to the 2-metre rule for social distancing If my child has symptoms of COVID-19 at school, I will pick up my child immediately from school. I will have them tested and inform the school as soon as possible by phone of the result The government has confirmed that the conditions are met to allow a wider reopening of the school to all year groups in September. Enter and leave the school building through the designated route If my child or someone has symptoms of COVID-19 in my home, I will not send them to school. As a family, we will isolate ourselves for 14 days. I will have them tested and I will inform the school of the result as soon as possible by phone or email If my child is considered unsure, he will be sent home and will not be able to return to school until he is safe. I will follow the rules of social distancing at all times on the school grounds My child does not bring objects to school or brings objects home from school, except for a break, a bottle of water and a face mask (face masks are optional) communicate with you via messages, newsletters, text, e-mail and the school`s website. Providing a safe, risk-assessed environment in response to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) At Westward, we strive for a high education that enables all of our children to realize their potential and prepare them to live in a rapidly changing world. We support and accompany the development of our children as independent, confident, responsible thinkers and learners in a safe and caring community where everyone is appreciated.


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