Heartland Payment Systems Merchant Processing Agreement

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Of course, one of the challenges of overhauling a business is the over-dentality. In other words, people who are not satisfied with a business or service are much more likely to express their displeasure than a happy customer will probably talk about their great experience. When the number of complaints is low, the number of positive assessments is often low. This is especially true for payment processing for reasons I have not yet fully understood. However, you can find some positive reviews for Heartland online if you know where to look, such as the following quotes from a G2 review and a review of Google Play. Since our last audit, a difficult discovery has been made, which has required a demotion of the evaluation for this category. This is the first time I have encountered a complaint filed with a consumer assessment site, where a merchant was not too satisfied with the termination fee. At that time, a Heartland representative responded to the customer and replied that the contract was clear on an ETF fee per site, but that he would waive it. This required a double acquisition on my side, and I almost hoped that the representative had spoken badly, so I went back to the dealership contract and looked for myself. Was it really that high in places? I`ve been a Heartland sales agent for eight years. When a merchant calls, he receives a live response.

This person stays at the dealer until the problem is resolved. If traders are still unhappy, we have a special client lawyer group that the client can request. Traders do not have to sign a 3-year contract. All you have to do is ask. The contract guarantees the rate of increase for three years. It`s actually in the best interest of the customers. To the extent that the above complaint is filed, the distributor`s statement indicates the sale of V/MC FOR EACH. I suggest you look at a few statements to see the level of transparency. Call me at 256-749-0799. IMPORTANT: READ THE FINE PRINT!! I spent a few years at Heartland and was generally satisfied with their prices and services.

I recently found another supplier with better prices, so I changed. It was only then that I discovered that it is a $199 termination fairy for your ach services!!! I wanted to protest, but when I withdrew the contract, it was - of course, a little pressure: " TERMINATION: "... The distributor can terminate this contract after one (1) year, and then after sixty (60) days of written notification to SPS-EFT. A termination fee ($199.00) is levied for termination of services. Admittedly, it`s my fault I didn`t read the fine print, but what a ridiculous amount (I`m sure they assume no one reads the chords so they can get away with it!). So let the buyer be careful if you decide to use this service! It`s sad news for me to learn that I am a veteran of Heart Payment Systems. While we believe in full disclosure, there is a lot of information to share when we meet with a dealer. I have to ask myself about the experience of the seller you worked with, because the ETF is something we divisive in the field. We believe in training our dealers in all aspects of processing and fees, which of course includes EarlyTermination fees. And honestly, most of the larger "direct" processors collect this tax and, if not, they collect it in other areas.

The lack of disclosure is certainly frustrating and we have encountered complaints from merchants who have not been fully informed of Heartland`s additional costs.


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