Fsc Trademark License Agreement

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Under the new requirements, the copyright symbol is replaced by the registered icon ® or the TM (TM) symbol. The icon remains an integrated element of the FSC logo, but with the new rules, there will be two versions of the logo. Symbols must also be inserted after the "FSC" or "Forest Stewardship Council" marks when these marks are used for the first time in a material. The specific choice of symbol depends on the country of destination of the marked products or promotional material. The introduction of two different symbols, specific to each country, increases the complexity of the brand`s users. However, according to the FSC, this is necessary to achieve maximum legal protection of FSC trademarks. FSC brands are the most important tool for organizations wishing to communicate responsible procurement of forest products or promote good forest management standards. FSC products are tracked and labelled according to the FSC Chain of Custody system, which allows customers to identify them in stores and advertising media. It is important that the marks are properly used and that no claims are related to unsertified products or product attributes that do not comply with FSC certification. FSC carefully monitors and protects how FSC marks are used worldwide. By ensuring that FSC brands are used correctly, we keep them credible, allowing companies to use the trust we have established with consumers around the world. If you would like to use FSC marks to demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social responsibility, contact FSC International and get FSC certified today! Different rules apply depending on the commercial activity and the purpose of the use of the trademark. The following persons may use the FSC mark: Note: FSC Malaysia does not issue any right to use the FSC mark.

FSC International can suspect this through legal action. Please contact the FSC Trademark Unit for more details and support....


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