Emergency Response Agreement

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According to FEMA, "Mutual aid and assistance agreements are agreements between agencies, organizations, and jurisdictions that provide a mechanism for rapidly obtaining emergency assistance in the form of personnel, equipment, materials, and other related services." In an emergency, members can ask any member for help. Assistance may take the form of specialized personnel, equipment, tools or advice in response, depending on the situation. It is an agreement that significantly increases the resources available in the event of an emergency. FEMA notes that mutual assistance agreements do not require agencies, organizations, or jurisdictions to provide provisions or assistance, but provide a needs-based instrument if the incident dictates the request. These agreements ensure the efficient use of standardized and interoperable equipment and other incident services or resources during the operation of the incident. However, emergency managers should consult with their company`s legal representative before entering into an agreement. The main findings of the joint emergency management exercise improve emergency preparedness. Other agreements: Any agreement, formal or informal, that is used to request or provide assistance and/or resources between jurisdictions of any level of government (including foreign), NGOs or the private sector. Our experienced technical and humanitarian team members are ready to immediately assist customers in their response to an emergency.. . .


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